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Music of 2013: Top EPs of 2013

Music of 2013: Top EPs of 2013

The Holloweyed’s Top EPs of 2013 11) Pueblo People  -  The First Four Moons (Self Released) 10) MAVO  -  Totally Tired  (Fixture) 9) Dust  -  Onset Of Decimation 12” EP (Mannequin Records) 8 ) Nuclear Spring  - Nuclear Spring 12” EP (Hysteria) 7) Flyying Colours  -  Flyying Colours EP (Self-Released) 6) Kauf  -  As Much Again (Cutters) 5) Doomsquad  -  EP (Artificial...
Pueblo People's First Four Moons

Pueblo People’s First Four Moons

  I love the Bandcamp stumble! Pueblo People are a trio of players from Italy that recently self-released their debut, The First Four Moons for free via the service. Aptly described by the band as “Guitar music from the 60s vs. guitar music from the 90s,” Pueblo People blend the jangle, the rabbit role reverb psych...