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Blank Pages - S/T (Stream)

Blank Pages – S/T (Stream)

Ten songs of Buzzcocks, Wipers or cleaned up Hūsker Dū-inspired punk (with some appropriate Dick Dale spice), Berlin-based quartet The Blank Pages make no frills power punk- tight, catchy and fun. Having formed in 2011 and comprised of members of various other German punk and hardcore projects like Lies Feed the Machine, Idle Hands, Modern Pets and Dramamine, their S/T...
VIDEO: Urban Homes - "Ayran Gifbek Mersi"

VIDEO: Urban Homes – “Ayran Gifbek Mersi”

Started in 2008, Cologne’s Urban Homes started as “almost exclusively a post-punk outfit.” Cutting their teeth playing ranks in punk and hardcore acts of the Rhine region for a decade plus, these four members do something notably different on Centres, their sprawling, five-song debut proper under the Urban Homes moniker. Released for the German Altin Village & Mine imprint...