The Experimental Circle Club ECC Archives is a new project from London DJ Thomas Silverman and graphic designer Ciaran O’Shea. Together, the two promote the underground happenings under the Experimental Circle Club (ϟEϟCϟCϟ) name.

The video project is a DIY production wherein a single, unbroken, stationary camera shot captures three-song performances from bands of their choosing- most of which play music of the raw, punk variety. Shot in a disused office building, the results are clean, forward and contemporary documents that resemble the ever-influential aesthetic of the NY No Wave scene. View the project’s first three entries below, which include performances from Dogfeet, Eels on Heels and Clout! are included. Really digging the content here. Cheers to ϟEϟCϟCϟ !

“The project is kept to a strict DIY ethos.”

DOGFEET ‘All But The Swine’ from DER ECC on Vimeo.

CLOUT! ‘Clementine’ from DER ECC on Vimeo.

EELS ON HEELS ‘Unknown Mission’ from DER ECC on Vimeo.