Patrick O'Dell, 2011

After Levi’s and MOCA’s Skate Video event (which you can read about here), I was able to catch up with host Patrick O’Dell for a quick chat. In case you don’t know, O’Dell is the creator and host of VBS TV’s superlative series Epicly Later’d, where O’Dell links up with some of skating’s best youth (past & present) to find out exactly where their careers went, and what life holds for them and other profound shizz like that. Here’s what he had to say.

How much in conjunction with the Art in the Streets thing is [Skate Video Night] supposed to be?

O’Dell: It’s in conjunction a little bit. They brought it to me and yeah, I called Aaron Rose (Beautiful Losers) who curated Art in the Streets just to make sure. I mean it’s a part of it, but it’s not like Aaron Rose or Jefferey Deitch (related)… Jeffrey I don’t think is coming and Aaron is not … I mean he is coming but it’s not like… The show is the show it’s just an event to do something else. But, I feel like it’s cool because even the more I thought about the title Art in the Streets, I feel like that’s what a skate video is, so, it feels super connected to me even though it has nothing to do with graffiti culture.

What reaction do you think you will get from people in the crowd?

O’Dell: I don’t know, I mean I hope they enjoy it. I would enjoy if I was not me and was just sitting there, I’d be like, ‘This is sweet- skate videos;’ but then I look at the list and it’s like people’s girlfriends and like some random person that’s maybe coming in cause they’re siked on Spike’s (Jonze) movies, cause in the New York one, I remember when we went to questions, one was like about Where the Wild Things Are. I mean, that’s cool but a part of me was like ‘Whoa, there aren’t that many skaters here.’ I like the mix because you don’t always want to preach to the choir and I feel like I made at least a good introductory course to skate videos. I definitely don’t think it’s any kind of definitive history; a lot of people are like ‘You should have this and this and this person and not this person.’ It just is what it is.

Well it’s pretty damn close; You have some really big names…

O’Dell: But, I mean you could always have more. When I was editing the clips I would lay there at night and be like ‘Fuck! I didn’t put in you know, some video and I could just imagine someone watching and saying ‘Where’s Static 3, my favorite video?’

Is there anyone not on the panel that you wish you had?

O’Dell: I asked Jamie Thomas and he couldn’t make it. I thought that would be sweet because I think the Zero videos changed skating and started with Welcome to Hell. So I asked Jamie and he was just too busy. I would really love Mark Gonzales again but like I said, he is in Europe or whatever. We kind of moved the date for when Spike could do it and when we got Spike nailed in it was kind of like whatever else falls into place… He is super busy and like a miracle to get him. He said ‘I’ll be in LA these 3 days. We called the Vista, they said good so…

I always wondered what it was like for a bunch of skaters to go out filming with Spike Jonze because he is so well known (now), do you ever think about it that way?

O’Dell: I do, well, when I started working for VBS, he was the creative director and a couple weeks into it I met him and I was kind of mind blown not because of Being John Malkovich or the films but because of the skating; for me, even more his videos and photography. So, when he was shooting Guy Mariano and Gonz and had all the best people, we were tripping out: ‘Like this guy only shoots with my favorite skaters.’ I had so many pictures of his on the wall that I could just identify like some Jeremy Klein sequence; so I got really star struck not in like a ‘He’s famous’ kind of way but in a ‘This is the guy that made these movies’ way.

Talk about VBS and how Epicly Later’d is doing.

O’Dell: Josh Kalis was the most recent one; the next one is Brandon Westgate. I’m trying to do young (but) I mean sometimes I fall into ruts where it’s like, ‘I’ll do one guy and then get his friends that go ‘Dude, do me.’ I like there to be a little continuity, but with Westgate I was just like ‘This is the best guy out now’ like Dylan Rieder- this is what it’s like to be the best guy out now.

Epicly Later’d is all you right?

O’Dell: Yeah, I don’t edit it; we have some really sweet editors. I film it; sometimes stuff gets through that I don’t film, like if it’s somebody in New York and I’m not in there. I have a team in New York with really talented people and they do more than I do. Once I film it, the tapes get Fed Ex’d to VBS and Lauren S., Chris Grosso and Eileen Kennedy they put it together. I get to watch previews but I’m not slaving away on Final Cut. They always do a good job; I might have one or two changes but usually it will come in and I’ll just be like ‘Sweet, load it up.’

Photos: Matt Draper/The Holloweyed

NOTE: this originally appeared on the MISHKA BLOGLIN.