Yann Lewandowski is a French designer that has been working on concept redesigns of classic cycling releases from the Cinelli and Campagnolo past for the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games in London. John Prolly has mentioned him before but today, the Viking posted something Yann’s been working on for 7 months. And FUCK, the finished product is beautiful. I’ll let Yann tell you about it.

Text below is straight from his page.

The Laser was introduced for the first time in the 80′s by Cinelli. He revolutionized the world of cycling by his design.

More than 30 years later, it stills one of the most amazing bike frame ever produced. Next year, in 2012, the Summer Olympic Games will take place in the great city of London. The track race culture will be at the center of the event. 6 moths ago, i realized that it could be the perfect time for Cinelli to reintroduced the Laser. So i started trying to imagine the 2012 Cinelli Laser, using 3D software.

“A carbon made frameset inspired by the geometry of the classic one but update to track racing of our days.”

After creating the frameset, that was not enough for me so i started design all the components that could be on the frame. The contemporary carbon material have been choosen. It allows to create wonderful aerodynamics shapes with all the stiffness that a carbon track frame is due to have. I didn’t want to create a crazy design like the original frameset, but a vision of the frameset that correspond to contemporary track race. For that, i started looking at what campagnolo ingeneered during last years. the cranks are Record Pista crankset but update with a external bottom bracket to increase stiffness. Hubs are a reedition of the amazing Sheriff Star hubs with a new design, inspired by original one, and covered with an amazing black anodisation. Then i started thinking about the rims… For many olympics events, Campagnolo created a specific rim design (Mexico 68, Atlanta 96 …) so i decided to create Campagnolo London 2012 carbon rims.Then, what about the seatpost and the handlebar ? 8 month ago i designed a stem/handlebar combo that i called THE SHARK. It’s a carbon made combo with a 100mm stem and a 42cm width handlebar. The seatpost is 31,7mm diameter, made of carbon. The saddle is a San Marco Zoncolan with some modifications to keep the “concept” spirit.

I work during 7 month on this project, during my free time, making a lot of different part design and try to choose the best one for any component. An hard work, my first achieved bicycle design !

Thanks to Prolly for the heads up