Not long ago we posted on a small SF revivalist label called Superior Viaduct for their first-ever reissue of Suicide founder/instrumentalist Martin Rev‘s debut S/T solo album, well, that label is again poking our attention with an upcoming vinyl issue of material from another- and subsequently more lucrative- electronic pioneering act- DEVO.

Comprised of early four track and demo recordings made by the legendary Akron, OH. band between April 1974 and December 1977, the label’s two Hardcore issues show the band in a certain fertile stage- gangly and awkward- the music moving from jagged homemade robot quirk to weirdo bluesy rolls all while maintaining that certain sense of urgent DEVO need to make the sound of theirs work. It’s a real treat hearing such homespun takes on what little of the collection has been teased so far.

Hardcore CD versions have been out since August, while a pair of vinyl formats will drop in June. Order here.

Hear the Hardcore version of  the band’s classic, “Jocko Homo” below.