Started in 2008, Cologne’s Urban Homes started as “almost exclusively a post-punk outfit.” Cutting their teeth playing ranks in punk and hardcore acts of the Rhine region for a decade plus, these four members do something notably different on Centres, their sprawling, five-song debut proper under the Urban Homes moniker. Released for the German Altin Village & Mine imprint (Marcel Schulz and Oliver Schütze) after a learning-curve period wherein the band implemented a drum machine during their drummer’s absence, these ex-punks make a 35-minute set that comes off buoyant and shimmering- to say the least- melding meticulous guitar tapestry work, neon, retro pop rubs and in-the-afternoon horizon retreat of more balearic or journey-focused numbers. I’d say fans of Foals, Poolside, Lindstrom and John Talabot fans should take note.

To celebrate the release of Centres, we’re pleased to host the video for “Ayran Gifbek Mersi.” A mash-up of Vimeo uploads pulled together by U. Kalliske & M. Mueller (Muki Film); the content throughout was fully sourced from uploads to the service that had “less than 50 clicks and was online for at least a half year.” Watch it below.


Urban Homes – Centres LP/CD can be purchased via Atlin Village & Mine Records now.  It’s one of the better releases we’ve heard this year- to see for yourself, stream the entire thing over at Bandcamp.



4.19.2013 – LEIPZIG / Conne Island – w/ PTTRNS, Fenster, Map.ache
6.28.2013 – HAMBURG / Westwerk
6.29.2013 – BERLIN / TBA