Sacred Bones Records are a Holloweyed favorite. Safe to say we pay attention to each and every release (Zola Jesus, Psychic Ills, The Men, Cult of Youth, etc.) they drop. To celebrate the NY imprint’s 5th year alive (woo!), the label is having an apocalyptic (well, because it falls on 12.21.12, the supposed Mayan end-date) party in the California desert. Information and lineup details are below; the label also made a mixtape to coincide with the news.

I’ll be there shooting the event for Impose Magazine. Couldn’t be more excited.


Sacred Bones Records
Zola Jesus
Wymond Miles
Psychic Ills
Cult of Youth
Pop 1280
Lust for Youth
+Special Guests

Tickets are $30 and on sale now.

5 Year Anniversary Playlist by sacredbones