Capping off a weekend of Southern California shows in Pomona (photos here) and Los Angeles, Converge made true on Jacob Bannon’s Saturday on-stage announcment that “two days from now, the whole band will be going on vacation, for  some vinyl- we’re playing at Vacation Vinyl in two days.” Officially announced via Facebook and Twitter the afternoon before the show, the tiny Silverlake record shop was totally packed and sweatboxed during the band’s shortened, instore set. Highlights included crowdsuring inside the shop, the band taking requests (they played “The Saddest Day” from Petitioning the Empty Sky), Jacob marooned atop between the “Beats” and “Heavy” vinyl bins and Kurt Ballou handing off his guitar to the crowd for some help.

Converge’s fantastic eighth album, All We Love We Leave Behind is out now via Epitaph.

Converge- “The Broken Vow” (MP3)