Bay Area psych-poppers return with their first LP since 2010′s Play it Strange with, Long Slow Dance, out September 4th via Mexican Summer. Following a handful of member’s solo projects (Tim Cohen, Wymond Miles), the band’s fourth LP promises to be more “confident” and “joyous” than ever before. Hear a cut from LSD (wonder if that was intentional), “Yes or No” below.

The Fresh & Onlys- “Yes or No” (MP3)


Sinister, EBM-leaning, tech-loving duo Gatekeeper are a mere month away from the release of their debut and interactive longplayer Exo.  The New York pair offer a tease in the below, “Pre-Gen Exo Mix.” Exo is out July 17th via Hippos in Tanks.

Gatekeeper- “Tree Drum (Pre-Gen Exo Mix)” (Stream/download)


I was a big fan of 00′s Seattle band These Arms Are Snakes, who broke up in 2009. TAAS leader, Steve Snere has since resurfaced to head the dark, bleak and beaty electronic trio, Crypts, who after a pile of local shows and a headlining slot on Actual Pain‘s Psychic Circle festival, will drop their eight-song, self-titled release via Sargent House in September. Hear “Fancy” below.

Crypts- “Fancy” (MP3)


We’re currently drunk on two settings perfect for the project of twenty year-old VA. multi-instrumentalist Wesley Bunch: summertime and it’s almost Fourth of July. Bunch makes lite, gazing and flimsy guitar pop and their sophomore EP, Cooper’s Dream drops July 3st. Hear/download the aptly-named “Float in Clouds” below.

Suburban Living- “Float in Clouds ” (Stream/Download)


Now with a backing band for his live shows, Tom Krell’s delicate, R&B-pinched How to Dress Well project is set to release a sophomore effort, Total Loss September 18th via Acephale, which was recorded over a 15-month span all over the world. Hear album-closer “Ocean Floor for Everything” and the “Live Yourself” mixtape below.

How to Dress Well- Live Yourself (Mixtape) (Stream/Download)

How to Dress Well- Ocean Floor for Everything (Stream/Download)


Let’s welcome back Tussle. Releasing their first longplayer in four years, again for the Smalltown Supersound imprint, the grooving Bay Area quartet will drop a fourth album, Tempest, recorded in Glasgow with longform disco powerhouse producer JD Twitch (Optimo), September 25th. Hear the lovely “Eye Context” below.

Tussle- “Eye Context” (Stream)


The project of Portland-based producer Dorian Duvall, Onuinu aims to synthesize elements of Yellow Magic Orchestra, Michael Jackson and the Brainfeeder/Stones Throw crews for his Onuinu moniker. Written, played and produced by Duvall himself, the bobbing funk-lite music feels new and retro the same way that first Neon Indian set did. Snag/download “Happy Home” below.

Onuinu- “Happy Home” (Stream/Donwload)


Another one from the Pacific Northwest. Olympia, WA. skuzz punk act Milk Music followed a classic trajectory: they were introduced via a fanzine, played local shows and it’s a small run of hard-to-find flexis (somebody in Canada is selling one for $488 currently) that got their buzz gears turning. They’ve played Primavera, are set to play the Pitchfork Festival on an upcoming national tour and their six-track release, Beyond Living, is finally now available for the first-time digitally. Hear a cut, “Violence Now,” below.

Milk Music- “Violence Now” (Stream/Download)


The camp of dark, immersive songstress Chelsea Wolfe has just announced plans that the CA musician will release an acoustic LP of odds-and-ends songs this fall on Sargent House and a still-untitled third album in 2013. Considering we loved both the last two, paint us dark with excitement. Hear one of those orphaned songs, “Flatlands,” live from the Glassroom Sessions below. Watch the performance here.

Chelsea Wolfe- “Flatlands” (Live Audio Glassroom Sessions) (Stream)

Photo: The Holloweyed / Via