The self-titled debut EP from Au Revoir Simone‘s frontwoman, Erika Forster, Cascine Records delivers a fatless, lulling electronica pop-leaning set. Hear/snag the standout single, “Hidden” below. The EP releases July 10th.

Erika Spring- “Hidden” (MP3; Direct)


A Melbourne, Australia quintet, Snakadaktal is both a mouthful and dancy, indie pop earful.  Some people are giving it xx comparisons, which I don’t totally gather, but okay. Hear the catchy “Dance Bear” below.

Snakadaktal – Dance Bear (Stream)


Another Aussie outift, this shrouded Sydney duo deliver a colder, buzzing lull; their LA based upstart label, Time No Place calls is “Haze Gaze.” Hear the single “Kingdom” from ther forthcoming LP, Eora, out this summer.

Castrati- Kingdom (Stream below; free download at Bandcamp)


This Canadian dream-popping act have been around for a bit and responsible for a close to 10 releases, three being albums, but it’s their recent single for Papar Bag Records though, has gripped my attention. Following their acclaimed 2011 LP, Shapeshifting, this smeared, reverb-perfect double-sided A-side single (300 copies are available in the 7″ format) was recorded at the end of 2011 and features two of the band’s new members playing along.

Young Galaxy- “Youth is Wasted on the Young” (MP3)


This LA production duo are named, surprisingly, for their workspace/studio that sits next to their pool. They make lazy disco bobs that fit well in that namesaked environment. Their debut album, Pacific Standard Time drops July 9th via Day and Night Records here in the U.S.

Poolside- “Slow Down” (MP3)


These five Chicago teenagers (all 17 it seems), make bluesy, garage pace that’s certainly perfect for all the house parties shows they’ve booked in the LA-area this month. Their first LP, Remember When drops August 7th via Aquarium Drunkard’s label, Autumn Tone.

The Orwells- “Mallrats (La La La)” (Stream/download below)



The Laurels are a Sydney-based foursome that make thick and cloudy psych rock. Their debut album, Plains releases July 13th on Rice is Nice. Single “Changing the Timeline” reminds me, somewhat at least of Oasis far too stoned, yet still jovial. Hmmm..

The Laurels- “Changing the Timeline” (Stream)




I guess this is the Grab Bag from down under! White Hex are a new duo from Brisbane (their first live show is at the end of the month) comprised of guitarist Jimi Kritzler (Slug Guts; hear their new one below) and Tara Green, who both moved to Berlin together. WH make slowed down gloomy tunes that they amusingly call “Tropical Goth.” Avant! Records will release their sox-song debut, Heat, on June 20th.

White Hex- “Stranger Love” (Stream)



Together, Iowa City pair Ryan Garbes and Shawn Reed are back with another slice from their retro-swaddled, krauty, lo-fi, pop drone project, Wet Hair. Following 2011′s movin’ In Vogue Spirit (my review). Hear a tune from their set, Spill into Atmosphere, available now via De Stijl Records. 

Wet Hair- “Camouflague” (Stream)



Guitarist for Bay Area folk/psych-poppers The Fresh & Onlys, Wymond Miles readies he solo LP for Sacred Bones (it dropped last week) by offering this chilled, 80′s hinting sound in “Pale Moon.”

Wymond Miles – Pale Moon (MP3-Direct)




Loving this song from California gazers Lilac. They make Slumberland-perfect guitar rock, have ex-members of Hunx and his Punx and Girls Honey are aren’t afraid to turn up the skuzz. Hear the total jam, “She Brings You,” from their Burger Records tape, below. Hurry up, it’s limited to 250 copies.

Lilac-”She Brings to You” (Stream)



Seasoned artist/musician Alice Cohen helps break Olde English Spelling bee’s 18-month hiatus of no new records with her LP Pink Eyes. She’s played live with DFA’s Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom and has spent recent years making music videos for the likes of Ducktails, Bear in Heaven and Grimes. It’s fitting then, when I first heard the below track, “Cascading Keys” that I immediatly thought it sounded like Grimes’ Claire Boucher trying to be Kate Bush or Stevie Nicks. Haha fun. Her set, Pink Eyes is out now via Olde English Spelling Bee. 

Alice Cohen – “Cascading Keys” (Stream)


Briton lo-fi dreamers Fear of Men make fuzzy love songs. I was reminded a bit of Canada’s TOPS when I heard them first. Stream “Born” from their Green Sea release for the Sexbeat label below.

Fear of Men- “Born” (Stream)



The Birthday Party/Nick Cave/post punk scum-inked sixpiece, Slug Guts have just announced their third LP and follow up to Howlin’ Gang, out July 24th for Sacred Bones. The slinking song, “Stranglin’ You Too” is below.

Slug Guts- “Stranglin’ You Too” (Stream)