Last Friday night, after meeting Rodney Bingenheimer for the first time at an underwhelming art show, I went babewaving. Wishing I’d coined the term (that’s a @katbeee)– as it relates to bands and not whatever porn Google brings up– as it seems almost too perfect, the Echoplex played host to four female-fronted bands, all of which do quite the job at playing frontwoman.

It was Dum Dum Girls (Dee Dee’s now blonde! Where’s Carles’ post already?), Tamaryn (Dee Dee + Tamaryn make Les Demoniaques remember?), the MBV-obsessed act Young Prisms (my review of their new LP) and DDG drummer Sandra Vu’s SISU on the bill.


Dum Dum Girls – “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” (The Smiths cover)

Dum Dum Girls



Young Prisms