Another Montreal-related post for ya all. A few days ago the news was announced that L.A. label Hippos in Tanks (Gatekeeper, James Ferraro) will be releasing the debut full-length from Canadian producer d’Eon. Known mainly for his split EP Darkbloom, with fellow electronic glitzer Grimes, d’Eon has also his smooth 2010 Palinopsia release to follow up here when the just-announced album, titled simply, LP which drops in June. In anticipation for the longplayer, the producer has offered up the 10-song set, Music for Keyboards Vol. 1.

Stream the entire drifting, ambient set below and if you’re going to SXSW, catch d’Eon, CFCF, Pure X and more at the Dummy Mag x Acephale x H.I.T. x RVNG party.

d’Eon – Music For Keyboards Vol. 1 by Hippos In Tanks