Legendary underground artist/musician/writer and bandleader, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (you know, Throbbing Gristle?) brought the latest incarnation of the mighty Psychic TV, now PTV3, to Smog City’s Echoplex stage for a set of truly special resonance. Presented by the Slowmotion (ex. Killing Spree) team, PTV3 played a long, cosmic warble of a set that featured both a Hawkwind and Can (!) cover and a birthday-cake-included wish from us to Gen. The night’s psychick temple goers were also welcomed to sets from openers Beastial Mouths and The Dangerous Boys Club. Really a fantastic night overall.

Enjoy a small portion of photos from the night below, with a few more HERE.

More can be found at the Slowmotion site or the Mishka Bloglin.