Many, many people were lucky enough to see James Murphy and his LCD Soundsystem play and many, many people know how it felt when he called it a day and all of us cramped up online in search of one, hell any “Buy Now” link for the Madison Square Garden shows. Refresh! Refresh! DAMN! That was pretty much my morning.

From the first time I saw them in 2004 after which I went home ravenous for that “Losing My Edge” 12inch up through seeing them, shooting them and meeting them right before they closed the casket last year, I strongly feel that LCD was one of those acts, those legends of a day and I couldn’t be happier to have those memories from the disco crank in a white suit slugging champagne straight from the bottle. Ah.

Being said, I say you raise a glass to said crank, Nancy, Pat, Tyler and all the others and enjoy the first trailer for Shut Up and Play the Hits, the upcoming LCD Soundsytem documentary from Pulse Films that follows Murphy for a 48-hour period just before the final show.

The doc will be released January 22nd. More info.