Thee Physical, the fantastic sophomore release that dropped last year from Denver’s cosmic teckno maker Pictureplane (nee Travis Egedy) made our (and many others) list for top longplayers of the year so that 11-tracker you should already know and love. Being that another calendar year is newly upon us and a slate cleaner for nights to get ripped under lights, we present something fresh. Thanks to the wonder of the interwebs, the affinity for style found within likeminded scene players and the hosting and promotion from a certain NYC webzine, Thee Physical now gets to dance alongside Dimensional Rip 7, a massive FREE 17-track remix collection of key album takes.

Released from the folks over at DIS Magazine, this set features work from likeminded beatmakers, cosmic coherts and close friends of Egedy all of whom stick to just five key album tracks: “Real is a Feeling,” “Post Physical,” “Body Mod” “Touching Transform” and “Trancegender.” Features the likes of Grimes, Teams, Fire for Effect, Physical Therapy, Tearist and Ritualz.

Highly recommended

(That little arrow on the top right of the player will download the entire set)

Pictureplane – Dimensional Rip 7: Thee Physical Remixes by DISmagazine

Here’s what DIS has to say about it:

Pictureplane’s “Thee Physical” was a conceptual work about how we, as humans, relate to our 3rd dimensional world by experiencing it physically through touch. and our experience of being human inside of physical bodies in a post-physical digital age. this collection of remixes is a continuation of these concepts, each remixer being hand selected by Pictureplane to work with the digital skeletons of each song, to carry out their own visions of what Thee Physical meant to them, and their physical forms. This remix double album, is the 7th Dimensional Rip. which is an ongoing conceptual art work by Travis Egedy (Pictureplane). each Dimensional Rip is meant to be, just that, a rip or tear within space and time. a way of putting something out into the universe that helps to alter perception and the very world that it exists in. past Dimensional Rips have been anything from group art exhibitions, a zine, a mix of slowed down happy hardcore, or a performance artwork inside of an art museum. the 7th Dimensional Rip is no different.