I commute by bicycle to work each day. It’s nothing much–25 miles about– but I love it. It gives you time to think and process things and, sometimes, something needs to be written down- iPhone notes function FTW. Back in 1989 a writer named Steve Roberts decided he hated his suburban Ohio existence and sold his house to travel by bike. Working as a freelance writer from the road, he discovered, as I mentioned above that more often than not, ideas come to you while pedaling, so, he decided to something about it- he made a computer bike.

Best part is, he’s still going at it. Visit his site.

Part 1

Weighing a few hundred pounds, Roberts fitted a recumbent bike with homemade computer, control buttons, solar panels and buttons in each handlebar that allowed  him to type in binary code (at about 35 words a minute). In an attached trailer, he carried laptops to assist. He traveled 16,000 miles across the US this way, freelancing and connecting through a then burgeoning Internet. He called it Computing Across America and even wrote a book on the subject. Watch him talk about the bike. Listen to his speech and the way he describes things; it may seem primitive to us now, but shit, what an invention for 1989. You immediately get the sense of what you can do with just an iPhone at a stoplight is what this guy sweater through for hours with a soldering iron and a few hundred pounds worth of equipment.


Part 2


Thanks to Prolly for the heads up.