Oakland collective/label Tundra Dubs have been offering up some heavy vibed-out and dragged industrial/witch house/electronica by way of the Bandcamp plan for a while now, releasing tunes from the likes of bigger (scene) names like M△S▴C△RA and GuMMy†Be▲R!. Taking a gander through their catalog, I came on a few hidden gems. Here’s one: ∆AIMON and a cover of the Swans’ 1986 tune, “A Screw (Honey Money). Though the cover dropped back in February, it’s nice to revisit it alongside the label’s recent 16-track collection of remixes of ∆AIMON’s material, dubbed AMEN Remixes. Hear both right down there.

∆AIMON- “A Screw (Holy Money)” (Swans Cover)